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National Chemistry Week - Chemistry Day at the Museum

Saturday 08 October 2016

This event has already taken place. For a list of upcoming events, see our events page.

Kalamazoo Valley Museum

30th Annual Chemistry Day the Kalamazoo Valley Museum

By Lydia E. M. Hines (KACS) and Annette Hoppenworth, (KVM)

Though it was a beautiful Fall afternoon with many competing events in the Kalamazoo, MI, area, for four hours beginning at noon on October 8 at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum we saw a large number of enthusiastic visitors of all ages; they were treated to a smorgasbord of 23 hands-on activities which included 6 in an area that required a solution to a "mystery" heist. This was all the result of the hard work and enthusiasm shown by about 60 volunteers, approximately half of whom were high school and college/university students :) Their availability to work with our public and to show them how much they love chemistry was exemplary! The smiles on the children's faces, and their accompanying adults' expressed thanks, were the icing on the cake for the afternoon. The museum staff are still talking about it. The level of engagement and family interaction surpassed all past programs - it was noteworthy that parents were not on their phones but actually working and talking with their children. We heard several patrons ask what colleges to go to so that they could become a chemist. Most of our visitors were here for at least two hours during the 4-hour program. According to the latest count we reached somewhere around 700, with over 500 people doing the CSI mystery.

In summary, the 30th anniversary event was a tremendous success because of our volunteers' willingness to share time, talent and enthusiasm, and we applaud them. Maybe YOU can plan to join us in 2017 when our theme will be Geochemistry - Chemistry Rocks

Enjoy some photos from the 2016 Chemistry Day, courtesy of Elena Meadows:

Making 'Instant Snow'

Making Instant Snow

Making 'Bath Bombs'

Making Bath Bombs (AKA baking soda & acid)

'Dancing Milk'

Dancing Milk

Forensics: Fingerprinting

Forensics: Fingerprinting

Forensics: Crime Tape

Forensics: Crime Tape