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Chemists Celebrate Earth Day

Saturday 23 April 2016

This event has already taken place. For a list of upcoming events, see our events page.

Kalamazoo Nature Center
10:00–16:00 Kalamazoo Nature Center
11:00–15:00 Celery Flats
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Celery Flats in Portage

Spring arrived on and off in April and the forecast was for a sunny day on the 23rd; but the temperature was still in the 60s so our first experience at the Portage Green-a-thon was a pretty "cool" one. The event was very well organized by the Portage Youth Advisory committee and their liaison from the City Clerk's office. It was our first attempt at cooperation with them and we were very pleased to have made that contact. Lydia Hines, along with the expert help of Carl Stachew (well known to many in KACS, and others in the education circles, for his passion for science outreach to young people), and the enthusiasm of 4 Kalamazoo College Students, Ian Bunker, John Bailey, Sarah Glass and Joyce Nguyen saw 6 hours pass with never a dull moment as youngsters and their parents stopped by our table to make UV-sensitive-bead bracelets and to learn about carbon dioxide, its varied sources and uses, and to make chalk, as well as to get copies of Celebrating Chemistry to take home to continue "doing science experiments". A great experience overall, which I hope some of the readers of this newsletter will want to enjoy as we celebrate Earth Day in April of 2017!

Kalamazoo Nature Center

This was our 6th year of participation with the Kalamazoo Nature Center during their Earth Day Celebration; Taylor Grace, Emily Hanner, Greg Johnson and Casey Wright from the WMU Chem Club were present at the opening of the event in the morning and were busy making chromatography flowers with youngsters and their parents who came by the KACS table. The steady flow of visitors continued through the afternoon when visitors could also avail themselves of our Celebrating Chemistry publication for their continued science enjoyment at home. K College students Myles Truss, Sangtawun Miller and Andrew Kaylor along with KACS chair Brian Eklov held down the fort during the afternoon hours.

Many thanks are due to all who volunteered at this annual event!