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The Science Behind Crafting Beer

Tuesday 12 April 2016

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Bell's Eccentric Café
Panorama of craft beer event

On April 12, KACS's topical group The Kalamazoo Area Mass Sepectrometry Discussion Group and Thermo Fisher Scientific hosted a seminar on mass spectrometry and the science behind crafting beer. This event at Bells Brewery Eccentric Café brought 91 attendees together. The crowd represented a wholesome mix of those working in mass spectrometry or in the brewing industry and included professionals, students and other interested members of the public. Two presentations were presented providing a mixed taste of beer quality control and beer flavor innovation.

The first presentation was delivered by Dr. Barbara Dunn from the Department of Genetics at Stanford University and was entitled The Systematic Integration of Omics Data to Improve Innovation in Beer Crafting. Dr. Dunn described how systems biology is used to study, for example, the differences between popular yeast strains used in the production of California Ale and Hefeweizen beer styles.

Dr. Luke Chadwick, Senior Scientist at Bells Brewery, presented on how the challenge to make a delicious beer consistently can be addressed by picking it apart at the molecular level. Dr. Chadwick presented an overview of the instrumentation used in a brewing laboratory and on the role of data in the quest for ever-increasing beer quality. He dazzled us with numerous rabbit holes of yet to be explored challenges faced by those who take a scientific approach to crafting quality beer.

Thermo Fisher Scientific demonstrated the use of the Gallery Plus Beermaster. This photometric analyzer provides automated efficiency in quality control measurements to help reduce costs and improve productivity in breweries. For more information on ThermoScientific Mass Spectrometry Products, please contact giovanni.pallante@thermofisher.com.

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Presenter in action
Presenter in action