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Frontiers in Chemistry Lectureship

Tuesday 03 November 2015

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Chemistry Building
Western Michigan University
3:30pm – Reception
4:00pm – Lecture

C–H Borylations: Green Chemistry that Inspired Green Ambitions

Robert E. Maleczka, Jr. – Michigan State University

Headshot of Rober Maleczka

Ir-catalyzed C–H borylations can eliminate the need for halogens, alkyllithiums, and/or cryogenic conditions for the syntheses of cross-coupling partners. Moreover, their chemeoselectivity and atom economy allows for the combination of catalytic borylations with subsequent chemical events. Given the prominent role cross- couplings play in the preparation of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and organic electronic materials, industry has shown considerable interest in such C–H activation processes. Indeed, the Pharmaceutical Roundtable of the American Chemical Society's Green Chemistry Institute deemed cross-couplings that avoid haloaromatics as one of their top aspirational reactions.

chemical reaction of C-H boryltaion

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