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Sustainable Science Poster Session – “Recycle a Poster”

Wednesday 05 November 2014

This event has already taken place. For a list of upcoming events, see our events page.

Bells Eccentric Café
355 E. Kalamazoo Ave
5:00pm – Poster setup, registration, reception
6:00pm – Keynote speaker: Prof Tim Jamison (MIT)
7:00 - 9:00pm – Poster session, networking with scientists and speaker
8:00pm – Announcement of poster prizes

Download printable event flyer here

Complimentary hors d'oeuvres were provided. Each attendee who is (1) a current ACS member, (2) a poster presenter or (3) a Zoetis employee received two complimentary drink tickets.

Present Science, Network, Mingle, Celebrate Kalamazoo Chemistry

Student poster presenters won prize!

Undergraduate and graduate students were encouraged to participate.

The Kalamazoo area has always been historically rich with exciting chemistry. Thanks to everyone who joined us and shared the area’s wealth of exciting chemistry by bringing posters of their chemistry accomplishments. The posters were either be newly prepared or a recycled poster from a previous event. This Mixer invited local academic and industrial chemists from all areas of chemistry: Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical, in addition to Food and Medicinal Chemistry. Present Science, Network, Mingle, Celebrate Kalamazoo Chemistry

This year KACS hosted Professor Timothy F. Jamison (MIT) during its annual poster session. He presented a keynote speech on continuous flow chemistry.

Continuous Flow Multistep Synthesis

by Keynote Speaker Prof. Tim Jamison (6 pm)

Abstract: Flow chemistry has the potential to revolutionize the synthesis of organic molecules. Flow systems can reduce reaction times, increase efficiency, and obviate problems often encountered in scaling up. In addition to these important practical advantages, flow chemistry expands the “toolbox” of organic reactions available to scientists engaged in the synthesis of molecules – from small-scale experiments to large-scale production. These benefits are a direct result of several features of flow synthesis that batch synthesis typically cannot achieve, for example, the ability to control fluid flow precisely, the access to temperature and pressure regimes not usually considered to be practical, and the enhanced safety characteristics of flow chemical systems. In this lecture we will discuss some of our investigations in this area in the form of case studies, wherein a specific target or family of organic molecules has served as an inspiration for the development of new methods of organic synthesis in flow.

Event Report

By Elke Schoffers with photos by Brian Eklov

Now in its fourth year, KACS hosted the annual poster session titled Sustainable Science – Recycle a Poster at Bell's brewery downtown Kalamazoo on 5 Nov 2014. An unprecedented crowd of over 120 participants visited the local pub.

For the first time KACS hosted an out-of-state speaker for this event series. The audience was excited to hear an engaging presentation by Prof. Tim Jamison from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jamison is known for his novel methods in organic synthesis and their implementation in the total synthesis of natural products. In his seminar on Continuous Flow Multistep Synthesis he outlined how flow chemistry holds so much potential to reduce reaction times and increase efficiency.

Visitors had a chance to enjoy hot appetizers and beer while listening to the presentation, which was followed by the poster session. There were dozens of presenters, including 27 students. Some posters were newly prepared or "recycled" from a previous conference. Poster contributions were based on research carried out at Carnegie Mellon University, Kalamazoo College, KAMSC, Michigan State University, Oklahoma State University, Rutgers University-Newark, Western Michigan University and Zoetis. Attendants were able to mingle, enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and continue informal discussions with Jamison and other scientists from academia and industry.

This last event of the year was also an opportunity to thank all volunteers without whom KACS could not fulfill its goals and missions. For example, Dr. Lydia Hines received the ACS 2014 Outreach Volunteer of the Year award. The event was made possible through a generous grant by Zoetis.

Keynote speaker Prof. Tim Jamison, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in front of a captivated audience.

Listening to the keynote presentation.

Sci-Mix attendees mingling.

Poster session.

Lydia Hines (KACS Councilor) receiving the ACS 2014 Outreach Volunteer of the Year award, presented by Elke Schoffers (KACS Past-Chair).

Doug Williams (KACS Past-Chair, Alternate Councilor), and Elke Schoffers celebrating the two ChemLuminary awards received at the 248th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA.