Kalamazoo Section of the American Chemical Society

We are a dynamic and visionary organization committed to improving people’s lives in our community through the transforming power of chemistry.  We strive to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Kalamazoo, Allegan and Van Buren counties.

39th KACS Awards Gathering

Monday 21 May 2012

This event has already taken place. For a list of upcoming events, see our events page.

By Lydia Hines.

WMU Chemistry Building Atrium

The KACS Education Committee — Donald Schreiber, James Kiddle, Sherine Obare, and Andre Venter — with able assistance from Robin Lenkart, are to be commended for a fantastic evening activity on May 21, Monday, in the WMU Chemistry Building atrium.

Outstanding college and high school students, our Section’s Competitive Exam winners, a high school teacher, one ACS 50-year member and 10 past-chairs still living in the Kalamazoo area, along with parents, siblings, teachers and a few Local Section members — 91 enthusiastic guests in all — gathered at 6 p.m. After enjoying delicious snacks from Maggie’s catering service we adjourned to the adjacent lecture hall where we had the award presentations:

  • certificates, cheques and Merck Indexes to the high school awardees
  • certificates and cheques to the college students
  • certificate and cheque to the high school teacher (Mr. Al Nieboer, Kalamazoo Christian High School)
  • a calligraphy-inscribed certificate to the ACS 50-year member (Dr. Jochanan Stenesh) and
  • ACS past-chair lapel pins to 6 past-chairs [from 1971 to 2003]! (One more was given to the 1967 Past-chair at his home, and he, too, was delighted to receive it.)
1967 Don Iffland
1971 Robert Nagler
1974 Robert Kelly
1982 Wade Adams
1994 John Greenfield
1999 John Stodola
2003 Benjamin Maxey

It was a full and very rewarding evening; our young honorees heard words of encouragement and wisdom from our more experienced members: to study diligently, to overcome obstacles, to appreciate their teachers and parents, to use their study of chemistry or any science to benefit humanity, to make sure they continue to pass on their love of science to younger acquaintances, to continue learning beyond the “school experience,” and to focus on seeking employment which provides them a means to do what they love and love what they do.

There are pictures on our website and some will be in the June 2012 Newsletter.