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Pennies for PUR® Water

Tuesday 01 November 2011

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By Lydia Hines and Elke Schoffers.

During the International Year of Chemistry in 2011, the ACS Kalamazoo Local Section (KACS) collected PURR Water donations at the beginning of each Executive Committee meeting and at several Local Section events such as the SciMix Poster Session titled “Sustainable Science – Recycle a Poster”, the ACS tour speaker presentation “Chemistry and Biochemistry of Chocolate: Is Chocolate really good for you?” with subsequent tasting of local truffles, and at the Chemistry Day at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum as part of the National Chemistry Week celebration. The total contribution was $60.00. These donations supplied 1,714 packets (at 3.5¢ each) for a total contribution of 4,826 gal of potable water through ACS’s partnership with Procter & Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) Coalition.

Dr. Lydia Hines collected Pennies for PUR® Water at various KACS events.


Dr. Yirong Mo (Western Michigan University) enjoyed local truffles from “Confections with Convictions” to assess the chemistry of chocolate.

KACS members “recycled their posters” and also collected Pennies for PUR® Water.