Kalamazoo Section of the American Chemical Society

We are a dynamic and visionary organization committed to improving people’s lives in our community through the transforming power of chemistry.  We strive to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Kalamazoo, Allegan and Van Buren counties.

Actions of the Council Policy Committee (CPC) acting Ad Interim for the Council – due to COVID-19 pandemic-forced cancelation of Spring 2020 ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia, PA (KACS Councilor Lydia E. M. Hines is member of CPC)

Council Policy Committee

Acting Ad Interim for Council

The Council passed resolutions:

  • in memory of Past President Mary L. Good
  • in memory of Past Secretary Halley A. Merrell, Jr.
  • In memory of other deceased Councilors

Continuation of Committees

On the recommendation of the Committee on Committees, the Council Policy Committee approved the continuation of the Committees on Technician Affairs and on Patents and Related Matters - the latter contingent on approval by the Board of Directors.

Down-select of President-Elect nominees to candidates

Voting Councilors will have a Town Hall Meeting in webinar format with the 4 nominees on April 20, and a vote to determine the 2 candidates will be conducted electronically by May 1.

2021 Member Dues

The Council Policy Committee voted on the recommendation of the Committee on Budget and Finance (B&F) to set the member dues for 2021 at the 2020 rate of $175. The Board of Directors previously committed to ensure that this pause in the dues escalator will not have a negative impact on the overall amount in the dues pool, from which allocations to local sections and divisions are made.

2021 Schedule of Membership

The Council Policy Committee also approved the 2021 Schedule of Membership, which is contingent on the approval of the Petition on Benefits and Dues by the Board of Directors. The 2021 approved Schedule maintains all current membership classifications, benefits, dues, discounts and rules. Future changes in 2022 and beyond would require Council approval but these Schedules would allow for flexibility in proposing various dues and benefits concepts for members.

Actions of the Board of Directors

ACS Board of Directors met virtually in Executive Session on March 20, 2020

Chief Executive Officer’s Report

The Board received an extensive report from the Chief Executive Officer on issues relating to the COVID-19 virus, the termination of the ACS 2020 Spring National Meeting in Philadelphia, Safety and Professionalism as core values of the Society, ACS financial performance, and upcoming events and activities. His direct reports then discussed with the Board the status of the proposed transformation of the membership model (Membership 2.0) and a range of opportunities and challenges facing CAS and the ACS Publications Division.

Board Resolution

In anticipation of the Petition on Membership and Dues scheduled for action by Council, the Board adopted the following resolution on setting a temporary floor for dues allocations:

Whereas, extraordinary but unsustainable efforts were implemented recently to successfully halt the downward movement in the number of ACS members;

Whereas, efforts are underway to transform ACS membership offerings to a future model that will provide greater value and more attractive tiers of offerings to prospective ACS members;

Whereas these new offerings may include variable dues levels;

Whereas, decreases in the numbers of ACS members and/or changes to dues levels during the transition to the new model may negatively impact the level of the dues pool, which serves as the basis for local section and division allocation amounts;

Whereas, local sections and divisions rely on these allocations to provide their services and programming for ACS members and to achieve the ACS Mission;

Therefore Be It Resolved that should new membership offerings be implemented which negatively impact overall dues revenue, the ACS Board of Directors commits to (1) ensure through the budgeting process that the overall amount available for allocations to local sections and divisions through the dues pool over the period 2021 through 2025 does not drop below the 2018 level ($3.04M), and (2) revisit this commitment for 2026 and beyond.

Actions of ACS Governance Units

Following the termination of the Philadelphia Meeting, 35 ACS Committees and Advisory Boards met via webinar, video, or teleconference. Initial reports were that these virtual meetings were an effective way to conduct their business and more research is being conducted to determine if there should be greater reliance on these technologies in the future.