Kalamazoo Section of the American Chemical Society

We are a dynamic and visionary organization committed to improving people’s lives in our community through the transforming power of chemistry.  We strive to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Kalamazoo, Allegan and Van Buren counties.

Message from the KACS Chair

Happy 75th anniversary, KACS. Taking a minute to reflect on that accomplishment really brings home the realization of just how special is this group of chemists. Since 1942 this relatively small ACS section has established a strong, successful tradition of local industrial and academic, scientists and students, working together to share our knowledge and love of chemistry within Kalamazoo and beyond. Being a member of this organization is truly something of which to be proud.

I am grateful for the opportunity to chair our local section. The ACS played a key role in the start of my 32 year career as a pharmaceutical scientist. In 1984 as a graduating student member, I attended the ACS national meeting in St. Louis, and via the Employment Clearing House landed a position in Monsanto's new Bioprocess Development Group. Kalamazoo has also played a key role in my career. Since going to work for Upjohn here in 1988, and working through the Pharmacia - Pfizer - Zoetis changes, I've come to know Kalamazoo as an excellent community in which to live. Chairing our local section brings together an opportunity to connect and contribute to these two important pieces for me, Kalamazoo and the ACS, so thanks for that.

Working with our local section's outstanding and committed membership and Executive Committee (who have already helped me immensely learn the chairing ropes), I look forward to continuing our already established, highly regarded activities - the poster and speaker sessions, Earth Day and National Chemistry Week events, Project SEED and more. In addition, I'll be looking for additional opportunities to strengthen and grow our local section. This is where all local section members can help. Please share with me and the Executive Committee any thoughts or ideas on what we can do to help our local section continue flourishing.

Steve Secreast
KACS Chair

Steve Secreast