Kalamazoo Section of the American Chemical Society

We are a dynamic and visionary organization committed to improving people’s lives in our community through the transforming power of chemistry.  We strive to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Kalamazoo, Allegan and Van Buren counties.

October 2014 Newsletter

In it, you will learn about:

Science Café – Art Changes

Thursday 6:02pm October 23, 2014

How do colors affect art?

James Engelmann
Exhibition Designer, Cleveland Museum of Art

Richmond Center, WMU

Open Position: Education Chair

We have a vacancy on our executive committee for an education chair. If you have a passion for learning and want to engage with the community to help advance chemistry education in our area, why not nominate yourself by contacting Lydia Hines?

Ideas for Session Topics for 2015 Regional Meeting

The co-program chairs are soliciting suggestions for technical session topics for the 2015 Joint Great Lakes Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society to be held May 27 - May 30 in Grand Rapids. The overall theme of the meeting is "Chemistry - A Grand Enterprise," and will focus on three main areas Food, Health, and the Environment. Please submit any and all ideas here.

Current KACS Newsletter:

October 2014 Newsletter

In it, you will learn about:

This and much more can be found in your October Newsletter. Our Newsletter Archive can be found here.

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John Engelmann

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Excerpt from “A Letter from Madeleine Jacobs” ACS Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer.